Why to choose your personal concierge?

By choosing the services of personal concierge, you benefit of all the advantages of individual approach and high exclusive level of performance of your most daring wishes.

Save your time

The private concierge is your daily partner to facilitate your daily needs. He organises in a best way your shopping day in Paris or your business trips according to your agenda.

Custom made

Your first-class concierge will choose real estates for you in sale, or he will help you to rent a yacht for your next sea walk. Or he will find the last VIP tickets for the opera.


A birthday party, a romantic reckless adventure in a private jet or a professional business event, the private concierge will take care of everything. Let only your imagination be his the only limit!


Your private concierge guarantees you a week without any routine problems. Deliver your clothes in dry-cleaning services, take care of your pets or order of your personal chef to cook your Sunday meal at your place.

Our Values

  • Confidentiality: To ensure the confidentiality of each our client and the sustainability of their activities and future plans.
  • Share: To pool the expertise. Our choice is to transmit knowledge and know-how to value people’s different skills, experiences and knowledge and offer more enhanced approaches.
  • Respect: To embrace that each person is different by accepting and respecting their views, culture, ideas and personal characteristics.
  • Excellency: To develop talents and constant search for the best performances, to demonstrate competence in the core skills of our role ensuring a high-quality service for our clients.
  • Initiative: To take the lead in finding innovative solutions, making decisions and collaborating with the best experts is to promise to answer your needs on time and to reach beyond your expectations.
  • Passion: To display a “can-do” attitude, to strive for the excellence and the quality in every task, to embrace change and new ways of working.

Your professional concierge to accompany you daily

To choose the services of a professional concierge in order to avoid wasting your time in tiring researches without being sure of a result. He takes care of every single problem you might have and allows you to get rid of all these daily worries that only confuse your days.

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