Your personal assistent

(only with "Black" abonnement)

EBenefit from an excellent service with your personal assistant!
Whether your needs are occasional or regular, we offer you an annual customized subscription tailored according to your priorities, your needs, habits and your lifestyle. Thanks to our database, we are ready to provide you with the highly qualified personnel to meet all your expectations as soon as possible.
There is only a small example of some of your benefits with Excellences:

Administrative management

Documentation and mail administration, insurance and bank issues management.

Assistance to the rent of your property

Contact with real estate agencies, services with the tenants.

Regular inspection of your property

Subscribe to calm and provide your concierge to solve all questions.

Preparation of a place before your arrival

Opening, shopping made, apartment and garden cleaning, closing at your departure.

Keeping your garden

Gardening, watering, pruning, seasonal works.

Maintenance of your swimming pool

Opening, replenishment of bassin, cleaning, weekly maintenance, reapair works.

Classical or mechanical cleaning

Complete housework, terraces, shutters, windows, roofs.

Control of your maintenance, repair or construction works

Cost estimate, contact with the contractors, planning and supervision of construction works.

Assistance for your work of renovation and interior design

Contact with the designers, offer of projects, cost estimation, realisation and dammage control.

Maintenance of your vehicles

Technical inspection, maintenance, testing and monitoring.

Pets care

Food, veterinarians, grooming, walking.

Security of your property

Bodyguards, integrated alarm system, house surveillance, video and exterior surveillance, maintenance of technical house security system.