Luxury car rentals

Special Event or just a beautiful day: Excellences provides you with the best choice of vehicles for all circumstances. On holidays with your family, for wedding, a racing car for your best friend’s bachelor party, or simply a car to get you to your work place. Available whenever you need, Excellences makes sure that your agreements are being effectively met and excludes any possible time loss.

Private Jets

Through your private jet you have every considerable destination at your fingertip whatever your starting point and destination!
Choose your private jet to suit your needs and find a VIP treatment before, during and after the flight.
Excellences combines Speed, Comfort & Safety.


Conveyance of exceptional flexibility, the helicopter is ideal for short trips (transfers from the city centre to the airport, sightseeing tours, a lift to the inaccessible places by land). For you to avoid any traffic is a simple way to fly it over!

Taxi and Moto Taxi

The time you had to waste waiting for a taxi is over. Your Concierge makes you benefit from his priority access to taxi services in the major cities worldwide. To be always on time, he sends you a taxi moto dodging any traffic with a maximum safety for you.


Rent a yacht to get away discreetly, visit the spots where only boats can access, to moor in a large idyllic cove or in any dock in sight.
Excellences and its partners offer a wide choice of boats with or without crew, anywhere in the world ... it's up to you to choose!


Unusual transports for unique experiences. Ask your concierge to find: a Segway for a family ride, a carriage to experience a spirit of an ancient voyage, a sleigh pulled by a pack of dogs to discover the mountains in a different way, a pedicab to visit the city or a balloon to fly over the village!

Vehicle with a Driver

Choose among the range of vehicles the one which suits your needs. Or simply choose time and any place, Excellences takes care of everything. You have an access to a number of luxury cars with your personal professional driver of the Excellences services. This service is available for a specific order or on a long term.


Shipping your most valuable or even common property is a much more complicated process than it seems.

Choosing the right service or the right specialist is a serious matter. With its network of partners your Private Concierge makes your shipping a transparent and accessible process. Excellences guarantees safe delivery anywhere around the world. You can trust your Concierge who will always find the right solution for you.