Security Escort Service

  • Protection of leading figures, corporate executives and CEOs
  • “At risk” travel organisation and support services
  • Protection of expatriates and their families
  • Armoured limousine rental and sale
  • Hire of security drivers trained in anti-terrorist and anti-kidnapping protocol
  • Sensitive or high-risk site protection
  • Hire of dog handlers specialized in finding explosives, narcotics or people
  • High-risk event organization and management
  • Hostile crowd or group management

Corporate security

These services essentially provide you with the qualified staff committed to securing areas and places (corporate headquarters, business units, exhibitions, building sites, etc.):

  • Basic security guards
  • Fire safety officers, ERP1 - ERP2 / IGH1 - IGH2
  • Reception and screening agents
  • Surveillance agents
  • Dog handlers